A restaurant specializing in composed small plates, killer cocktails and unique wines by
chef Jill Vedaa and Jessica Parkison.

We are creating an experience around the sharing of small plates, so that you can experience food again.

The Meaning of the +

To us, salt is so much more than an ingredient that adds flavor or preserves food. To paraphrase food writer, Mark Kurlansky, salt is the only rock we eat that has shaped civilization and made a glittering, often surprise contribution of the history of humankind. It has served as currency, influenced the establishment of trade routes and cities, provoked wars, secured empires and inspired revolutions. It is also an essential part of the human body.

In the same way that salt is so much more than a household item, we set out to create a dining experience that was so much more than a place to eat. We believe that the sharing of small plates facilitates a more meaningful experience where you can savor memorable moments together with everyone at your table. The seasonal menu is designed to offer you more than just food on a plate. Each dish is a thoughtful composition of textures, colors and globally-inspired flavors that pair well with the unique wines and inventive cocktails crafted in house. 

Although the plus sign in our name is silent, we hope the experience you have at Salt+ speaks volumes about what is possible when we share something together and strive to be more.


Upcoming Events:


Happy Hour 5-7pm

Join us Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for Hour Hour from 5-7pm at the bar only.

$5 select wine by the glass
$7 classic cocktails
$4 beers

Live Music Every
Monday Night

We have local musicians joining us every Monday at Salt. Music kicks off around 7:00 PM.